iPhone Emergency!

Over the weekend, Sarah managed to drop her beloved iPhone into a toilet.  Ironically she was trying to remove it from a pocket to prevent it slipping out into the bowl, but someone clearly had other ideas.  We have no idea whether this was a cry for help on the iPhone’s part.

Since we had arranged to go for dinner that Friday evening, some hours had passed between the total submersion (luckily only into uh… “clean” water – the incident occurred before any other toilet-related activity had taken place) and the recovery process starting in earnest back at home.  All Sarah could do in the meantime was pick the phone up out of the water and dry it off with paper hand-towels.

Since the battery isn’t easily removable in these phones we could only turn the unit off in the usual way and hope that nothing had fried.  We had both heard about the healing properties of rice, so Sarah had bought some plain uncooked rice from the supermarket on her way to meeting me for dinner.

We filled a glass bowl with the rice, and buried the now-comatose phone in the rice.  The theory has it that the rice will absorb the water from the air surrounding the iPhone.  So it doesn’t “suck” the water from the phone, but it does absorb whatever naturally evaporates from the phone.  Since the flat was at a relatively steady pleasant room temperature, we left the phone bowl out on the worktop for a couple of days.

Sure enough, after around two days, we recovered the phone from the rice and powered it up.  Some slight water-smearing was apparent behind the screen, but the phone was working normally – success!  Of course, we dumped the rice afterwards – the thought of eating rice that had now been infused (however slightly) with even “clean” toilet-water was hardly appetising, nor was the rice expensive enough to be worried about!

Over the next day or so the screen smearing disappeared, so the phone looks and works like nothing had ever happened.