More “Accident” spam texts – Ignore, report and ignore.

Just got another SPAM message from +44 7591 260388 saying that I’ve still not claimed for that accident I never had, as I wrote about here earlier this year.

Again, I’ve ignored it and would continue to advise others to do the same.  Replying with the word “STOP” as suggested in the text is thought to confirm your mobile number as being valid and active, opening the gates to yet more spam.

O2 SPAM prevention service

If you’re on O2, then you can flag it up wit them forward such suspicious unsolicited text messages to 7726, as per the advice on their website.  Thing is, my phone doesn’t have a “forward” function that I’m aware of for SMS, so I’m hoping they have the sense to block the number I quoted, not the number I sent it from!  Time will tell.

Text scam – ignore and/or delete without reading.

Just received a strange text message from an unidentified (but quoted) mobile number, with the following wording:

Text from +44 7541 706527

Free Msg; Our records indicates you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP

I’ve not been in an accident that I can remember for many year, and it looks to me like this is a scam, supported by a quick Google search confirming the same.  Even the same wording crops up several times!


I think it best to simply delete this message, even without flagging it as “read” if possible. Certainly I think it unwise to reply even with the word “STOP”, for fear of suddenly being subscribed to something I can’t later get my way out of.