Shure and Sennheiser customer service woes

Been having some issues with some of our mics at work, and some phone calls to the technical teams at Shure and Sennheiser a couple of weeks ago proved helpful in the diagnosis of each mic.

So last week I sent each an email to their published addresses gleaned from their websites to arrange returns codes so their repair teams can put things right at our expense.

Yet, a week on, I’ve still not heard anything. So today I get to make more phone calls at our expense to chase things that have fallen through the net.

If you’re a business, and you bother to publish support email addresses and a process by which to use them, please can you at least respond in a timely manner? Businesses like mine will feel confident and continue to buy your products, paying a little more for the knowledge that you’ll support them. Lose that confidence, and we’ll move to buying cheaper products that end up costing us less both to buy and replace than a single repair process, while still giving us 90% or more of the performance.

Your ball.