Prom Praise 2013 – Slideshow from Graham Bergdahl

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Prom Praise 2013 – Slideshow

Had a lot of fun at Prom Praise again this year, as I think you’ll see below! I spent much of the evening putting a 1960’s Nikkor Q 200mm f4 lens through its paces, and I’m really impressed with the results.  Not bad for £35!  Most of the shots in the slideshow were on the antique lens, and some of the more architectural shots were (I think) on the modern 50mm Nikon f1.8.  Enjoy!

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Photography for Prom Praise 2012

Some more fun from the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 21st April 2012, photographing All Souls Orchestra’s Prom Praise event, which also celebrates the All Souls Orchestra’s 40th Anniversary year.

Prom Praise for Schools Photography

Continuing the photography posting yesterday, here’s some shots taken at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of weeks ago for Prom Praise for Schools.  An altogether different event to the main Prom Praise last weekend, but no less complete even for us adults, who clearly were not the target audience.  These shots were taken with a humble D40, using either my modern 50mm f1.8 lens, or my much older 135mm f3.5 lens.

Prom Praise 2011 photography

Been doing a fair bit of events photography for friends lately, and last weekend I was at the Royal Albert Hall testing a Nikon D200 body with my “antique” 135mm lens that I think I might have posted about some time ago.  (Ooh look, I did)  The body itself was a delight to use, and gives a slight improvement on image noise in high ISO settings.  The noise it gives is somehow more pleasant, giving slightly larger and smoother grain patterns than the D40 I currently own.

Here’s some of the images I captured of a rather lively evening: