Homeless: explore and reflect

Walking to work from London Charing Cross so often as I do, I regularly come across people, situations or slogans that make me think a little outside my usual perspective. This morning’s journey was no exception.

The National Gallery is running another campaign to get visitors through its doors, with the words “Explore and reflect” splashed across its main hoardings. But what made me take a second look at the scene was the homeless man basking nearby in the sunshine, apparently surrounded by his worldly possessions and looking decidedly lost. The kind of lost that is not formed by having only just arrived, but for having been here for far too long. Without a home and seemingly without a hope, all he could do for comfort was drink in the beauty of his surroundings. I hope his situation brings some perspective on my own thoughts and attitudes today, as I deal with whatever ‘crises’ life and work will throw at me. I took a picture to remind me of all of this:


Maybe one day I’ll get over myself and summon up the courage to strike up a conversation, to see what’s what.