Appeal for info: Feia cassettes – Circa 1988-1992

Appeal for info: Feia cassettes - Circa 1988-1992

I have these two cassettes to restore for my grandparents, who have lost their last working cassette-deck to age. The tapes themselves don’t sound to be in great shape, and the claimed Dolby B noise reduction doesn’t seem to play well on any deck I have tried them on. The titles are “Con Amore” and “Canzoni de sempre”.

The tapes shown here were purchased direct from the artist during/after some of her performances in various hotels around Sorrento, during the late 1980’s.

Some questions come to mind:

  • Are these two titles still available for sale, preferably on CD?
  • Anyone else even heard of her?
  • Is she still singing?

UPDATE:  More info from the sleeve notes:

Produced and info by:  P.H. Productions, Marijkestraat 12, 2171 XD, Sassenhiem, The Netherlands / Olanda

I’m getting the impression that this was a small outfit, judging by the lack of a record catalogue number on the cassettes or inlay cards.  This was confirmed by Google Maps, which tells me that the given address is now residential, and looking at the buildings on Streetview suggests this might well have been the case in the 1980’s!