DSC_2426I’m Chris Ferguson, a professional audio engineer and hobbyist creative technician, now based in Brooklyn Center, MN in the USA. While my main interest is in audio mixing and processing, I embrace the fact that this can take many forms in both live and controlled recording environments, however conventional (or not) they might be.

In all cases the aim is to get the best out of what is available and helping everyone involved feel as comfortable as they possibly can – all so that everyone can perform at their best, whatever the budget or other limitations of the space.

This blog aims to showcase some tangible aspects of my professional output, but will also host some other aspects of personal thinking or other projects if I think that doing so might be of benefit to others.

Works undertaken professionally include:

  • Sound reinforcement system specification and maintenance,
  • Training of live sound operators, especially for churches and other small venues,
  • Recording,
  • Production,
  • Mastering,
  • Digitising/transcribing for archiving.