The Pilgrims Pod Radio Hour

This radio variety show, hosted by Will Mackerras, is performed live with guest actors and musicians in front of a real live audience in London’s bustling Fitzrovia.   The show is also streamed live online via Mixlr, and recorded for edited podcasts.

So, if you want to go to live recording at its London home, then please do head over to The Pilgrims Pod Radio Hour website for more details as we get them.

Why am I plugging it here?

I’m involved with the show, primarily as broadcast technician.  This means I mix the show both for the live and online audience, while also recording the show in a way that enables us to produce a more polished product for podcast and possible future re-broadcast.

Here on my blog, you’ll see me post copies of the podcast mixes, with some of my notes on what I’ve learned during that show.  As the show develops its own path, I’m usually trying new things to make the technology work better, with less overall effort than the last show we tried.

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