Asus EeePC 1011PX odd behaviour

Had an odd experience this afternoon with my Asus P1011PX netbook.  Started up Windows 8 as usual, and it was really slow to respond to trackpad gestures.  I thought at first (as I was working on a site project) that the dust on my finger was stopping the trackpad working, but then I noticed that the whole machine was becoming less and less responsive, with nothing odd showing in Task Manager except that it took five minutes for the machine to get there.  Only Chrome was open by the time the machine slowed to a crawl.

I next noticed that the left side of the keyboard was getting really hot – too hot to type. Closer investigation showed the fan vent was producing no air, and so my best guess is that the machine was getting too hot and the CPU was being throttled down to keep it running without burning up.  Rebooting failed several times in a row, with the machine powering off dead about 2/3 of the way through each startup.

Oddly, getting the machine home, it’s working fine now. Fan is up and running and everything seems in order with temperature and running processes/CPU usage.

Just thought I’d pop a note about this here (since other 1011PX users clearly hit this site) to see whether anyone else has experienced a similar issue – and what (if anything) resolved it?

One thought on “Asus EeePC 1011PX odd behaviour

  1. I think I had that before when after I had spilt tea on it.. like a whole cup, straight on the keyboard.. I took it apart and dabbed at the sodden mobo with bog roll.. it had a few niggles through recovery and now works fine, the only glitch being the power light staying on after it’s shutdown, til I close the lid.. hardcore machines though!

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