Facebook, Timeline and a new insight?

Yeah-yeah, so I quit Facebook an age ago.  And I still make a point of asking “What’s Facebook?” whenever friends talk about it at parties and such.  But some family and friends are still getting useful things from it, so I get to hear different bits and bobs about it from time to time.  So far I’ve yet to have a compelling reason to go back, and the forthcoming new Timeline feature seems as if it’ll push more people away from Facebook when they realise how much of their privacy they’ve (knowingly or not) surrendered for the sake of “connecting online”.  More at Slashgear here.

An interesting comment under that article hit a nerve, and I wonder what others reading this might think of it:

They’ll update everyone to Timeline and have no option to switch back. What are you going to do? Stop using Facebook? HAHAHAHAHAFacebook has long been reminiscent of an abusive relationship. No matter what terrible thing they do, the victim stays with them anyway.
My bold – I mention it here because the sentiment resonates with so many behaviour patterns I see in the friends and family around me, especially in their relations with companies where they have a choice on whether to do business with them.

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