GoogleDocs curiosity – how to insert image stored in GoogleDocs?

Found an interesting functional omission just now.

I’m trying to insert a JPEG into a Google Document, but the image is stored in with my Google docs rather than being online, on my machine, or on something like Picassa. So I click on the insert button, but have no way of using a stored image from this list. Google’s Insert Image help document is none too useful on the subject, nor did my quick search bring up anything productive.

The only way I can think to do it is…

  1. Open a new documents tab
  2. Find and download the JPEG in from GoogleDocs to somewhere on my machine
  3. Insert the image, using the “Upload” option.
  4. Grunt at such a faff while I’m trying to create a document with several images.

Short of using a “real” application, anyone know of a better way of doing this on GoogleDocs, or whether one is coming?

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