Live BBC Radio now on iTunes

Had a quiet moment in the office this lunchtime and wanted to fill the silence with some backgorund radio.  So I fired up iTunes 10.3 and thought to check whether any BBC radio stations were available in the Radio listings – a curious omission for the last five years or so that I’ve been using iTunes.  Turns out they are there, but it’s not always obvious as to where they appear in the listings, not helped by the lack of search functionality, which is a shame.

What you’ll find and where:

  • BBC Radio 1:  Top 40 / Pop
  • BBC Radio 1Xtra:  Top 40 / Pop
  • BBC Radio 2:  Adult-Contemporary
  • BBC Radio 3:  Classical
  • BBC Radio 4:  News / Talk Radio
  • BBC Radio 4 LW:  News / Talk Radio
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra:  Comedy
  • BBC Radio 5 Live:  News / Talk Radio
  • BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra:  Sports
  • BBC Radio 6:  Alternative Rock
  • BBC Asian Network:  International / World
It just makes more sense to me as a consumer that radio should come from the music app on a device, rather than from inside a web browser running flash and goodness-knows-what in the background just to grab and decode an MP3/MP4 stream.  Online radio doesn’t need to be complicated – can we please lose the Flash and its contemporaries already?

9 thoughts on “Live BBC Radio now on iTunes

  1. Thanks that was so convenient, 5Live is really hidden there. And as you said, the lack of search is pretty bad…

  2. just looked for Radio 2 under ‘comtemporary’ section, still can’t find it? any ideas

  3. Radio 4 has disappeared and been replaced by BBC Radio extra on the comedy category for repeats of drama & comedy.

  4. For anyone else looking for Radio 4 (non-LW) in 2015, it’s now listed under “Comedy”, for no readily-apparent reason. And you *still* can’t search…

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