MP3 compression ABX test…

A friend pointed me at this interesting ABX test website that compares MP3 audio compressed at 320Kbps with MP3 audio compressed at 128Kbps.  Comparing A vs B and hearing discernable differences is one thing – but can you blindly hear a track and correctly identify it as A or B?

In the A vs B test, I could hear a difference between the two clips in each test, but there was very little in it.  It would seem that MP3 compression technologies have improved a lot since I last used them with any seriousness.

As for the “blind” test, it turns out that despite today’s tiredness, my use of Sennheiser HD25’s on a standard laptop headphone output, my hearing isn’t so shot after all!

Try the test for yourself here at!

3 thoughts on “MP3 compression ABX test…

  1. fun! I got 9 out of 10 with Etymotic ER-4Ps. A wider selection of sources would have been interesting as I started to get used to what to listen for. 192kbps vs 320kbps would have been much more challenging.

  2. The test is “biased by design”, as the tracks are not suitable. Apart from the flamenco track, they lack of high frequency instuments, not to mention the distortion on the first track. There is not much in there anyway. Maybe the test should have included metal or rock or even pop tracks, where the highs are everywere. Then, everyone would have scored 10 out of 10…

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