“Yes” or “No” to AV? Ummmm…

So it’s the night before the big vote here in the UK, where we will vote on possibly the biggest political change in a generation. So which way should we vote?

Frankly I can’t decide. And that disturbs me, because I can normally form an opinion one way or the other on pretty much any subject. But the best I can do for this one is say ‘meh’.

In my view, neither side has actually presented a clear objective argument for or against their own cause. Or at least if they have, I’ve yet to hear that through the media.

The answer I think will come to me in the morning, where I’ll take a look at each campaign’s website and see which feels more right to me – but as it stands right now I’m going to have to seek out the location of those sites. On the one hand, I feel good about actively engaging with the issue. On the other hand, it seems rather sad to me that neither side has used the media enough to send out enough of a clear message for such pro-activeness to be unnecessary.

Perhaps one ironic outcome of tomorrow’s vote is that very few of us will have cared enough to seek information to form an informed view on the matter, so either they won’t vote, or will simply flip a coin for it with no thought towards the consequences.

I hope the right answer comes out. I just wish I could decide what *I* think that is and why. I fear there are too many others thinking the same…


Some more trains of thought have passed since writing the original post. Let me explain:

Maybe what we’re being asked to vote on tomorrow isn’t the core problem with politics in the UK. Maybe the problem is what we expect of our politicians to be doing when they come to power. Party politics has lead to an interesting disconnection between what is debated in Parliament (along with how and why), compared with what the average person on the street is concerned with. I wonder how a shift away from party politics towards individuals voted on the basis that their views most closely reflect those of their constituents might affect the politics and decision-making in this country. Would such a system produce better decisions? Would it lead to more engagement on key issues from the “man on the Clapham omnibus”? Would it lead to more satisfaction among the general population, knowing that their opinions are better informing key issues? Would voter apathy become a thing of the past? Would the country be more stable?

As I muse over this tonight and tomorrow morning, I have a hunch that saying “yes” to AV tomorrow might be the better way to introduce such significant changes to the politics and mindset of this country, and that voting “no” might serve to say that the UK population is happy with the party political system as it is – which would seem to me to be a logical fallacy, given how many people surrounding me seem overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the major parties swapping governmental power between them with very little positive net change, and with what so many around me seem to think is so little input from them.

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