Forget new equipment: buy a good brush!

Everyone posting online gets so worked up over cartridges, decks, belts, cables, even styli… and yet so many of us (myself included) seem to overlook the basics – keeping our precious black discs clean.

I thought I had it licked… a gentle wash in warm water with a little dishwashing detergent, followed by a wipe over with a soft, lint-free cloth.  This worked very well in the short term, but on the second or third playing I found some discs were starting to pick up dust again.  So I looked around my local music stores for a record cleaning brush, and nobody seems to sell them any more, even if they do sell everything else a vinyl junkie might need!

So I did some online research and found a RODEC cleaning brush from West End DJ, for the princely sum of £10. Not a bad buy, and it’s remarkably effective.  I have no idea what some of these discs have been through, but the amount of fine white or grey dust that this thing lifts out of even clean-looking LP’s is quite astonishing.

Otherwise it’s hard to review a brush really, but the convenience of having a brush in its own stand that prevents further dust pickup is nice to have.  A model that uses carbon fibres might well be better, but what I have is good enough and the sonic results of playing cleaner discs are clear enough for me!

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