Anyone know why WiFi on these boxes stops transmitting Bonjour data, thus breaking Time Machine, Remote Desktop Sharing, AFP file sharing among others? It seems to correlate with signal quality and/or interference from neighbouring networks. It seems that once every week or so the quality goes down enough that network traffic grinds to a halt over WiFi. Changing the WiFi channel frequency to one that is less congested seems to help for another week.

The issue affects our G4 iMac (OS X 10.4), 2007 MacBook Black (OS X 10.6) and 2009 MacBook Pro 13″ (OS X 10.6) uniformly. Don’t have any Windows or Linux boxen to compare service. Our iPhones don’t use Bonjour for anything I can think of, so I don’t know whether the issue would affect them too.

Connecting to the same router/network using a cable seems to always work, so it is something specific to the WiFi section of the modem.

I’m confused and would like the nonsense to stop… Can anyone help?