Lessons for web development…

Been having some issues with ParcelForce and some other companies of late due to their bad website content.  These fails tend to be because information is incomplete, only available via Flash/ActiveX, or just laid out badly.

All of which got me wondering about how to advise companies of the correct usage of web standards so that their systems are available to all without unnecessary hassle.  Some quick Google searching took me to this site explaining good HTML practice in plain and simple terms, and I stayed long enough to read what the author had to say.

Yes, I really am that terminally sad that I care about this stuff, even if I abuse it myself rather too often!


Hee… and in a fit of splendid irony, I just tried passing the home page of this blog through the W3C Standards validator. And lo, 90 errors, with several warnings.  Probably more now that I’ve just abused the href tags in that last sentence!

Good to see WordPress doing their bit too! ;o)

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