Recession puzzle

I’m puzzled. We’re being told all the time about how we’re in a recession, that jobs are being lost in droves, and that we must make massive austerity cuts for the sake of the nation.

And yet… People are moving around in vast numbers, and spending a small fortune for the right to do so. It seems that road traffic numbers have never been higher, London Underground has claimed highest ever usage figures earlier this week, and whenever I take a train out of London I’m amazed at increasing numbers and the sheer money on display – the nice suits, nice new laptops and fabulous watches are all around. Conversations between friends and colleagues swirl around their worldwide travels, gains made in investments and making sure everyone around them knows how important they are as they shout managementspeak over each other into their snazzy new Blackberries.

And yet, we’re cutting back. Amazing.

Even more interesting is that I make these observations sitting on a train to Bristol, typing them into my iPhone 4 while supping a station-bought coffee.

2 thoughts on “Recession puzzle

  1. I think if you were on a train in Plymouth, Swansea, Sheffield etc things would look very different. As I’m sure you know, in Lunnon it’s easy to lose track of the rest of the country! After all, the capital based bankers etc have been rescued, their jobs are fairly secure, they’re even still getting their bonuses. Outside London, everyone’s tightening their belts to pay for it. (Rant over).

  2. Interesting thoughts – it has been a while since I got away from the big city to see what’s going on around the rest of the country. I guess it was partly from that city-jaundiced perspective that I wrote the post! Perfectly valid rant, Mr T!

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