Release Sherif Hassan!

Okay – so I’ve moaned an awful lot on this blog since I started it.  The students are revolting (again), and there’s a general air of discontent surrounding personal expense and inconvenience that I think is fatally infectious.  Well, if all that stuff isn’t quite your cup of tea, here’s a real issue to get your teeth stuck into.

Release Sherif Hassan (Website)

Sherif and his wife Emma are known personally to me, and have been something of an inspiration.  Not just as Christians, but as human beings.  I celebrated their wedding with them and met many of the people who have been touched by how both Sherif and Emma chosen to live their lives in response to, and while standing on the foundations of Gospel truth.  While in some ways I’m not surprised that Sherif has become something of a target to those who object to Christ and His teachings, it pains me still to see such a vile injustice.

In summary, Sherif and Emma made a trip to Egypt earlier in November 2010 to visit Sherif’s family.  On their arrival in Cairo airport, they were met by officials who immediately deported Emma back to the UK, and detained Sherif.  While he has apparently made contact with Emma by telephone and email over the last few days, we cannot verify whether he remains in captivity, where he is, nor when he will be able to return to his home and wife in the UK.  No charge has apparently been made against either Sherif or Emma, yet it appears that Sherif continues to be held in Egypt as some kind of political or religious prisoner with no right to appeal.  We are therefore very anxious about his safety and wellbeing.

The site linked above explains their plight far better than I think I’ve managed, but it also goes one stage further – it tells us what we (and so therefore what YOU, dear reader) can do to help.  In response to this, I would be grateful if you could please:

  • Pray
  • Write or send an email to the UK Foreign Secretary, your MP & MEP, and to the Egyptian ambassador to the UK.  Templates for letters and emails are available
  • Forward details of the website and our cause to anyone whom you think might be able to help publicise the cause and bring about the release of Sherif, alive, unharmed and free to carry out his faith and ministry as every human on this planet has the right to do.

The authorities have been approached and have so far not been able to either provide reason for Sherif’s continuing detainment nor any date for his release.  In fact, to date it appears the Consulate has made no attempt to make any contact with Emma at all in response to this situation.

Even if you have no time or appreciation for the Christian message or what we stand for, please at least visit the site and I hope you’ll agree that the human injustice here is obvious, and should not be allowed go unchecked in this modern age in which we supposedly live.

Well, I’ve added my voice and will continue to do so where I think it could make a productive difference.  Now over to you.

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