Daylight Savings Time – Why?

This weekend saw the UK rolling back from BST to GMT. The Wikipedia article here can tell you more than you’ll ever need to know about what “Daylight Savings Time” is and why it’s put in place.  My question is simple:  Why do we bother any more?

With so many pressures on our time, anything that screws up our calendars can be a pretty Bad Thing™, not least when software such as iOS4.1 gets it wrong and sends recurring alarms an hour behind schedule, as happened to me this morning.  (More on The Register here).  The justifications I heard on the radio this morning don’t seem to ring true.  Sure, driving in daylight seems safer than at night, but surely all we’re doing is moving the problem to other areas of the day?  With shift-working and obscure working/living patterns made more possible by things such as air travel and even the availability of mains electricity, it seems to this simple-minded geek that the benefits of keeping this system far outweigh the disadvantages in these modern times.  Wanna Skype with relatives in the US?  Sure… now what time?  Uh… well we’ve skipped back an hour but they haven’t yet, so uh… 8 hours for another week.

Can’t we just stick with our alotted timezone according to where our countries physically happen to be on this blue marble and just live with it?

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