Identity via commonality

Just a quick thought… I’m new to this whole blogging thing, despite having dabbled with similar features in Apple’s iWeb software over the last few years. I think it’s fair to say that this blog is something of an experiment for me, with the aim being to see what kind of reactions I might create in people based on what I write.

One of the struggles I’ve had in putting this together is finding the right visual theme for the site. I care almost as much about visual presentation of media as I do about audio quality in general, so finding the ‘right’ look from a bunch of free, online common themes is a challenge.

So along came a blog announcement on WordPress earlier today about the new ‘elegant grunge’ theme, which I’ve applied to the site. I think it fits the slightly eclectic, rough-around-the-edges content I seem to have found interesting enough to post lately.

Maybe I’ll stick with this one for a while…

One thought on “Identity via commonality

  1. UPDATE: The height of header bars in “Elegant Grunge” was bothering me – too much flashiness, not enough content. So, let’s give “zBench” a go!

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