Escaping through HiFi

Man, it’s been one real piguvva day.  Came back home from church feeling pretty broken.  I shouldn’t complain – that I have the problems I do is testament to God’s grace in allowing the freedoms and riches I do.  But that doesn’t stop me struggling with how to think and behave appropriately with such blessings.

And so it was that I came home ready to collapse.   Sitting down in front of the hifi and simply listening to two albums has done wonders.  Okay, so the sky is still blue, the world is still turning and some things still suck.  Oil still pours into the ocean.  Entire civilised countries are threatened with bankrupcy.  But God is still good and somehow I’m now reminded more of that than I have been in a while.

The album really doing it for me right now is Clannad’s PastPresent.  It’s wasn’t just played by my parents every now and again.  Actually it never was played that often.  Yet hearing it as an adult I realise that it somehow surrounded and coddled me in my formative  years.  Teenage boys will admit to, and try, many different things to be in with a crowd, and many of us end up with some guilty pleasures in our music collections based on many such decisions.  I fell for this more than most, I fear.

Yet here was an album I was (and still am) able to enjoy for the sheer pleasure of it, without worrying about what it says about me that I like it.  This compilation never fails to take me to a happy-place, in a way that memories alone cannot do.  And so it is that I get to wind down to “In a Lifetime”, letting the sonic textures wash over me.  It’s like a lullaby.  But better because I’m still awake to be able to fully appreciate.

As for the hifi, I’ve pretty much stopped caring about the kit and just aim for the music.  What I have works amazingly well for what it is, let alone what I paid for it.  I long for a day when I can do this without the whine of a fan, or a fridge motor, or traffic swooshing by.  And to exchange the beer in my hand for a G&T.  But meanwhile I can keep the volume low and still hear details I’ve never heard before.  I can still feel the music come out of the speakers and form a coherent swirl of textures, emotions and movement in the room.  And very soothing it is too.

Now about that G&T – that’s one thing I *can* change…

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