Bonjour and O2 Wireless Box III

Ugh.  Just been struggling all afternoon with a printing issue while working from home.  All I wanted to do was to print one test chart – then lost an hour or more trying to fix it, until I happened to find a fix online – thank you Uncle Google.

The problem is this – my macs use Bonjour (a Zeroconf service) to communicate what they are able to share with each other on my network.  This works well on cabled links, but for some reason fell apart whenever I use WiFi – which frankly is all the time as I can’t be bothered with having a cable trailing across the room whenever I want to surf.


For reasons unknown, It appears the O2 Wireless Box III does not correctly/fully bridge all protocols between WiFi and Ethernet-based connections, Bonjour included – but only when the WiFi is configured to use N-mode. Configure the box to use either of the the slower B or G modes and my world is a happy place.

So yet again I’m having to sacrifice speed for reliability.  Does nobody test these things?  One would think my usage scenario is not uncommon, and it turns out that users across the UK are stuck with this issue, both with the II and III versions of the box.

Still, the box was free, so I guess I should count my blessings…

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